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Visual Designer, Content Team

Salary range, Regular-level: 

  • up to 7 500 - 10 500 PLN net + VAT (B2B)
  • up to 6 200 - 9 000 PLN gross (employment agreement)

Salary range, Senior-level: 

  • up to 10 500 - 15 000 PLN net + VAT (B2B)
  • up to 9 000 - 12 500 PLN gross (employment agreement)

Design at Infermedica

We are a small team devoted to delivering top-notch design. Frankly speaking, it’s easier in a company where people are aware of and value good design. Infermedica is one of those companies.

We are always working on different projects, and no two days are the same. Sometimes we are designing a brand-new product, and sometimes we are drawing an illustration for our blog. Whatever the task, our goal is always the same: to deliver the best possible work. We take our time to make things right – and yes, one pixel off is a big deal.

What are our core values? We believe in open communication, and we are a highly collaborative team. We nurture our feedback culture, and we love to engage and understand the perspectives of different parties. Lastly, we take full responsibility for everything we do.

Now, we’re building the Content Design team. To make this happen, we need your help.


As a Visual Designer at Infermedica, you will be involved in many projects. They will range from advertising campaigns, websites and presentations, to print, branding, and social media. You can expect challenges, ambitious tasks, and lots of learning. Check out the details below:

  • Marketing. In addition to creating compelling advertising materials and managing creative projects, you will brainstorm initial concepts and deliver final designs. On a day-to-day basis, you will collaborate with the Marketing and Sales teams.
  • Presentations. Once in awhile, internal materials, like sales and pitch decks, will require your design and editorial skills in Keynote, PowerPoint and Google Slides.
  • Social media. You will support our communication efforts by designing beautiful content – images, illustrations, ad campaigns – that resonates with our audiences.
  • Brand. Your responsibilities will include developing our internal style guide and visual language. Also, you will ensure that our communications across various channels remain consistent and match our brand.
  • Websites. Usable and delightful prototypes, landing pages, and product pages will all require your creative attention. You will craft design based on team feedback, user feedback, and data.
  • Print. Sometimes you will create print assets, including leaflets, posters, business cards, and fair materials. In doing so, you will have the opportunity to touch a lot of different types and grades of paper. Doesn’t it sound like a designer’s heaven?


We’re looking for a detail-oriented generalist with great visual taste. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been doing design, or what school you graduated from. Being the right fit is what matters. What do we expect?

  • Strong portfolio. Send us relevant work samples that demonstrate your ability to create exceptional design. Prove that you have excellent visual skills, especially in terms of typography, color, and composition. Show us why you’re perfect for this job.
  • Versatility. You’ve already designed ads, websites, presentations, and print materials. We don’t expect you to be an expert in every field, but we will appreciate any experience in various disciplines across the visual design.
  • Communication skills. Some people say that great design speaks for itself. That's not often the case. We’re looking for a clear and effective communicator. You should be able to articulate the rationale behind your work, even to non-designers. Proactively seek input and knowing how to handle negative feedback (without getting defensive) are also necessary.
  • Open mind. You are a highly collaborative individual who values every input provided by peers and other teams. On the product side, you are capable of balancing user and business needs, always driven by the ambition to get better at design.
  • Reliability. Your work is as important as the way you do it. You can manage your own time responsibly and juggle multiple projects at once. Armed with a calm maturity, you should treat every failure as an opportunity to learn.

Here’s what would help too:

  • Illustration experience
  • Motion graphics and video editing experience
  • Experience designing projects for international audiences
  • Knowledge of HTML and CSS


We're committed to building an open and supportive environment where you can do your best work and improve your competence. You will be working with great people, and we will help you lead a healthy life outside of the office. What benefits do we provide?

  • Employee Stock Ownership Plan - you become the owner of the company
  • Flexible forms of employment - you choose the form according to your preferences
  • Flexible working hours - you can start your work at a convenient time align with your work-life balance needs
  • Any equipment you need - most of us are working on MacBook Pro or Dell XPS, but it’s up to you what equipment will suit your needs
  • Ability to work remotely - right now we are working 100% remotely but we have an office in Tarasy Grabiszyńskie
  • Paid holidays
  • Private health coverage (PZU Zdrowie)
  • Free consultations with a doctor in our office
  • Training budget - you have up to 2000 PLN per year and 3 fully paid days for your development
  • MyBenefit cafeteria platform - you can order MultiSport as one of the options
  • Lunch discounts

Next steps

If this sounds like a good fit for you, apply now by clicking the button below. We would love to know where you are as a designer, so your application must include a portfolio and a CV (or Linkedin profile). Also, please tell us why you’re interested in Infermedica, and how your experience and background is relevant to this role.

We will review all applications and arrange an online chat with selected candidates. Unfortunately, not all of you will be invited for an interview, but we always provide feedback to all candidates, regardless of our decision.

We’d be more than happy to have you on board!

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Oleksandra Chernyak Recruitment Manager

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