We support global brands in digital activities, building websites and managing roll-out processes worldwide. We offer a multilanguage solution for literally every country on the globe.

Our aim is to create websites for local markets that are flexible and nimble, but at the same time, they are similar in terms of corporate identity, design standards as the main international website. Reffine understands the essential role of consistent brand identity. Therefore, we provide our clients with technical and content backing.

Our dedicated team not only helps in localizing websites but supports digital marketing activities for global brands. Reffine’s DXP (digital experience platform) is based on lightweight architecture.

Our development team uses only new frameworks such as Ruby on Rails and Vue.js. We understand that there is no business-as-usual at the global companies. Therefore, we support our clients in focusing on their core activities. Having that in mind, we have created a set of useful tools:

  • in-line edit RoR Vue.js CMS

  • shared media library -translation export for agencies

  • inventory tool (dedicated for automotive industry)

  • analytics features

  • pricing database

Key clients: Jaguar and Land Rover

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