Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Manager / Head of Order Fulfillment


Job openings     Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Manager / Head of Order Fulfillment

Supply Chain & Order Fulfillment Manager / Head of Order Fulfillment

We are looking for a highly organised and experienced manager, who will take over the responsibilities of managing supply chain and order fulfillment processes at Your KAYA - both for domestic and international orders. This includes:

  • organizing work for all of our warehouse employees and maintaining an optimal supply of workforce, 

  • optimizing order assembly processes - implementing both digital and manual solutions that will help improve the levels of efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction is maximized and costs are minimized,

  • ensuring adequate inventory levels are maintained.

Your KAYA is growing fast and we are looking for somebody who is eager to grow equally fast alongside. New markets, new products, double-digit MoM growth - an environment that will challenge you, but at the same time offer a learning curve like no other. Are you ready to join us on the ride to becoming the #1 subscription e-commerce in Europe? Hop on! 


  • 2-3 years of experience in Supply Chain, Order Fulfillment or / and Distribution Warehouse Management (preferably e-commerce related), 

  • excellent knowledge of e-commerce supply chain structure,

  • strong understanding of just in time supply chain management,
  • experience in managing teams of various sizes,

  • strong understanding of cost and processes optimization, 

  • analytical skills (preferably experience with analytical tools),

  • strong Excel skills.


  • organize and manage work for all of our warehouse employees,

  • maintain an optimal supply of workforce,

  • implement digital solutions designed to optimize fulfillment processes,

  • optimize manual fulfillment processes - maximize customer satisfaction and minimize costs,

  • monitor daily output of the fulfilment team to ensure KPI’s are achieved, by using analytics and other tools,

  • ensure adequate inventory levels are maintained (analyzing sales volumes, anticipating demand fluctuations, ordering inventory from a network of suppliers),

  • work closely with founders and the marketing team.


  • a fast-track career with rapid promotion potential and extraordinary self development opportunities,

  • paid holiday, regardless of legal type of employment,

  • courses and other personal development activities sponsored by us (because your growth is our growth)

  • private healthcare plan

  • all hardware (MacBook, monitor) and software you need,

  • start-up atmosphere and entrepreneurial culture, 

  • real, tangible influence on the company’s growth,

  • the opportunity to work directly with the founders,

  • being part of the internationalisation processes within the company - you couldn’t have picked a more exciting time to join the company.

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