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We are an IT company taking pride in authentic relationships in the digital world.

Ailleron is the driving force for numerous technologies tailored to the needs of companies from banking and hospitality industry. We specialize in developing financial solution equipped with innovative solutions such as AI, SaaS and omnichannel communication. We are proud to provide our solutions to customers such as Santander, Citi Bank, Standard Chartered and many more. Ailleron also supports hospitality industry with a state-of-the-art system for customer service.  

We are a team of almost 400 IT experts that every day strive to achieve perfection in every field of coding. To achieve that, we have combined innovative technologies (I.e. AI, ML, and Cloud) with Management 3.0. and Scrum, offering our employees both flexible and empowering enviornmentOur contribution to technology has been seen by our partners that have chosen our knowledge to support them on the way to better digital services.  Moreover, we help not only global leaders, but also aspiring IT experts that can take part in our internship program to expand their knowledge. Join us and become a part of digital future!  

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