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We are glad that you came here. Not wanting to waste your precious time, we'll get to the point. The most frequently asked question during the interviews is: "What project are you looking for a person for?". In our case, the answer is constant - to none :). Over the years, we have developed a work culture, according to which we do not practice searching for a project. We are looking for a candidate who will join our team and will develop with us. You don't want to stand still, do you?

Our clients are mainly large enterprises and international corporations. This is a segment of customers characterized by a special level of order, tough and specific requirements and a high work culture. You can learn a lot in such projects. There is no place for mediocrity and chaos here. Does that mean a rigid atmosphere?

Absolutely! By proving its high level of competence, there is a place for a looser approach in each industry. We are young and ambitious, we value a professional approach to work, but we love to take full advantage of life. Are you looking for a place where your routine will help you survive from Monday to Friday? Click the cross in the top right corner of the browser or the red dot on the left if you have a computer with an apple. Sorry, you won't find it with us. Search in "korpo".

We are far from the corporate style of work. In a typical "corpo" it is easy to disappear and drown in a thicket of people. Omnipresent borders on the one hand create law and order, but on the other hand they kill creativity and limit possibilities. If you already have a trace of large organizations on your CV, you might know what we mean. In addition, it may happen that the size of the company means that you do not see the final effect of your work. It is easy to lose motivation this way. Sounds familiar?

It is definitely different with us. Even though our customers are by far the "big caliber", we create solutions for them that we understand, that can be seen and understood. You can see with your own eyes how your work translates into added value. The best specialists in the IT industry work with us. In such a group you can really understand the value of the word "engineer". If you would like to feel needed, develop your skills and gain new experiences, browse the ads below and apply to us!


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